Automotive Test bench

We are totally an import powertrain/transmission test bench supplier. We cooperate with our main suppliers in Euro and American, developed high quality, high stability, and high flexible powertrain testbed.

Business Scope

We focus on transmission system development testing facility supplying. Customer can use our test bench test their Manual transmission, automatic transmission, Constantly Variable Transmission, as well as the Hybrid transmission, pure Electrical vehicle transmission, this would help customer highly shorten their transmission and powertrain development period, save cost, and save developing efforts.

Advantages of GTSystem test bench

Comparing other suppliers, we are more flexible in test bench development, and quick respond in after sale services. We can supply testbed in customer orientation, cooperate with customer to develop the test bench one by one customer, in order to meet each customer’s requirement exactly.

We cooperated with our main suppliers such as Faurndau and Krebs&Aulich, Unico, HBM, all of them are very famous test benched components suppliers, work together for a long time to develop a state of art powertrain/transmission testbed, achieve high performance, high stability, and high quality.