Test bench control system

With PAtools®, GTSystem provides the most professional automation system for testing. Well-known OEMs such as VW, BMW and Mercedes are using this state of the art software. Meanwhile GTSystem develop gear shift application robot system for the actuating of the original vehicle gear lever and actuators for the automotive 24 hours test cycle operation of throttle and clutch pedals for transmissions on durability, functional and roller test benches.

GTS GATE automation system

GTS cooperated with famous automation system partner, developed GTS own testbed automation system GATE. With this system, customer can do sophisticated testing procedure quickly and easily. No matter steady testing, dynamic testing, transient testing, with our GATE automation system, customer can do them easily. Road load simulation, road profile simulation can be achieved conveniently.

GTS GATE automation system has two real-time control system, DCU and PCU. DCU main in charge of the running of the dynos, and PCU mainly in charge of the accessories of the testbed running, such as conditioning system, measurement data logical calculations and so on. With DCU and PCU, the whole automation system always working in a stable and high efficient condition.