Test bench main components

GTSystem delivers test benches in power range of 50KW to 2,000 KW. We have a long term strategical cooperation with worldwide top system suppliers to offer
competitive facilities to our customers.

Test Bench Main Components

  • Converter with the fastest IGBT control and communication interface with a high quality control
    and high control frequency
  • Input PM dynamometer technology with ultra-low inertia for simulating engine torque pulsation
  • High performance asynchronous output dynamometer technology with low inertia
  • GTSystem actuators with special design for throttle, clutch and gearshift operation (Shift Robot System)
  • GTSystem designed conditioning units for all kinds of engines, transmissions and hybrid applications
  • Integration of high precision fuel meters
  • Integration of high precision emission measurement devices
  • Energy system device for hybrid/EV simulation and battery charging / discharging cycles
  • High precision speed and torque measurement devices from world market leaders HBM, Heidenhain
    and Lenord+Bauer